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Eoin Moore was born in 1968 in Dublin/Ireland. He studied at the German Film & Television Academy Berlin (dffb) and has worked as a soundman and cameraman. He graduated from the dffb in 1998 with Break Even (Plus-Minus Null), which won four awards at international festivals and was shown at over 40 festivals in 25 countries. His other films include: Spiel mir das Lied vom toten Trabbi (short, 1991), So oder so (short, 1992), Children of Light (documentary, 1992), Digital Video Ballet (short, 1993), Driver (short, 1993), Loops of Infinity (short, 1994), Der Duft des Mannes (short, 1994), Storm Rising (short, 1995), Neuneinhalb Minuten (short, 1996), Conamara (2000), Why Don't We Do It in the Road? (Verkehrsinsel, 2001), Pigs Will Fly (2002), and No Sweat (Im Schwitzkasten, 2005).