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Oliver Herbrich was born in Munich 1961 and made his feature film in 1979/80, Das stolze und traurige Leben des Mathias Kneissl, in his last year at school. He then studied at the Academy of Television & Film (HFF) in Munich, making documentaries like Dead Heart (Totes Herz, 1983) and Auf der Suche nach El Dorado (1985). He received the Best Male Actor award at the Moscow Film Festival in 1985for his first 35mm feature film Wodzeck. His other films are Die Welt jenseits der Welt (1986), Der Al Capone von Donaumoos (1986), Bikini - mon amour (1987), Erdenschwer (1989), Der grosse Horizont (1990/91), Priester der Verdammten (1992) and Rules of the Road (1994).