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Peter Henning was born in 1960 in Hamburg. He studied Media Sciences, Literature and Sociology in Osnabrueck followed by studies at the German Academy of Film & Television (dffb) in Berlin. He then earned much acclaim as a director, writer and cameraman on such projects as the film adaptations of Heiner Mueller's Die Hamletmaschine and Samuel Beckett's Das letzte Band. He began collaborating with Claudia Prietzel in 1991 with the film Blattlaus. His other films include: Der Zauberkasten (1990), Kuppke (TV, 1996), Nur das Blaue vom Himmel (TV, 2000), as well as The Puppet Grave Digger (Der Puppengraeber, 2002) and Erste Liebe (TV, 2003), both in co-direction with Claudia Prietzel.