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photo © Michal Kosakowski

Since 1996, film director Michal Kosakowski has been asking people with different backgrounds about their murder fantasies. He offered them the chance to stage their fantasies as short films. The only condition was that they had to act in these films themselves, either as victims or perpetrators. More than a decade later, Kosakowski met these people again to ask them about their emotions during their acts of murder or victimization, and interviewed them about current social topics such as revenge, torture, war, terrorism, media, domestic violence, the death penalty, suicide etc. The result is an unconventional hybrid of feature film and documentary that makes viewers question their personal and social positions concerning ethical and moral values and taboos.
Genre Educational, Experimental, Thriller, Psycho Thriller, Society
Category Docu-Fiction
Year of Production 2011
Director Michal Kosakowski
Screenplay Michal Kosakowski
Cinematography Michal Kosakowski
Producer Michal Kosakowski
Production Company Michal Kosakowski Films/Berlin
Length 81 min
Format HDCAM, color, 16:9
Original Version
 German, English, Polish, Serbian
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Transilvania IFF 2012, Chicago Underground 2012, Fright Night Louisville 2012, Pärnu Int. Documentary & Anthropology Film Festival Estonia 2012, Sopot Int. FF 2012, Minneapolis Underground Film Festival 2012, Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival 2012, Sydney Underground Film Festival 2012, South Texas Underground Film Festival 2012, Oldenburg 2012, Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2012, Macabro International Horror Film Festival 2012, Raindance 2012, Underground Cinema Film Festival Dublin 2012, Jihlava 2012, Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 2012, Dark Carnival Film Festival Bloomington 2012, South African Horrorfest 2012, Union Docs NY 2012, Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival 2012, ToHorror Film Festival Torino 2012, Another Hole in the Head Film Festival San Francisco 2012, Killer Film Festival 2012, Horror On Sea Film Festival 2012, Fright Nights Vienna 2012, Horrible Imaginings Film Festival San Diego 2012
Awards Best Documentary Feature Chicago Underground 2012, Winner of the International Horror Film Festival Dublin 2012, Best Cine de Curios Feature Doc Award South Texas Underground FF 2012, Best Chill Award 2012, Special Mention Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 2012, Best Feature Horrible Imaginings San Diego 2012, Best Editing Killer FF 2012

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