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Zakir and His Friends

Zakir and His Friends

The film gives a portrait of the tabla player, percussionist and world musician Zakir Hussain, who was born in Bombay in 1951 and has developed a new, exciting music using the vocabulary of the rhythmic languages of this world. Uncompromising in the balance between the worlds of sounds and images Lutz Leonhardt achieves a new quality in the genre of the music film.

"In the beginning, there was the picture of four young blacks in South America - and a baffling concert with an Indian musician previously unknown to me. This resulted in a musical trip to India, Indonesia, Japan, Venezuela, Trinidad, Burkina Faso and California - to the absolutely incredible drummers and percussionists of this world and to the rhythm of life". Lutz Leonhardt

Lutz Leonhardt was born in Voerde in 1958 and studied Music in Duisburg and Bern. He graduated in 1981 and worked as a percussionist in concert halls, theater and radio. He directed his first feature-length film, The Robber (Der Raeuber), in 1985. Between 1990-1993, he completed his first long-term adventure project, Stroll to Syracuse (Spaziergang nach Syrakus), and in 1994 started preparations for his second film Zakir and His Friends (1997).
Genre Music

Year of Production 1994
Director Lutz Leonhardt
Screenplay Lutz Leonhardt
Cinematography Felix von Muralt
Claudia Gleisner
Zakir Hussain, George Brooks, The Boys And Girls Of Chuao, Les Frères Coulibali, Renegades, Kodo, Suar Agung
Producers Klaus Armbruster, Lutz Leonhardt
Production Company Horizonte Film, Bern, in co-production with Interartes Mediengestaltung Filmproduktion/Essen
Length 90 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Versions English, French
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Venice 1997
With backing from Filmbuero NW, Migros Kulturprozent Schweiz, Bundesamt fuer Kultur des Eidgenoessischen Department des Innern Schweiz, Stadt Bern, Kanton Bern