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photo courtesy of hula-offline produktion

Suffused with sounds from the history of cinema, we see waterways, locks,
dams, wastewater treatment works, floodgates, fountains and waterfalls, none
of which appear exclusive or spectacular. Seemingly abandoned and forgotten,
they become the places where water encounters architecture and technology
which, in turn, work for it, with it and against it. A dialogue between water and
man takes place in which man surrenders to water or feels the need to objectify it. Water never lets him go free. In its formal composition WATERSCOPE is in the tradition of a essay film. Forgoing economic, ecological or scientific explanations, it creates itself with the essence of water.

Year of Production 2012
Director Carsten Aschmann
Production Company hula-offline produktion/Hanover
Length 22 min
Format DCP, color, 16:9
Festivals Rome 2012