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Way of Trouble Action, The

Way of Trouble Action, The
Scene from "The Way of Trouble Action" (photo © Almanfilm)

Three friends are trying to make it in the big city. They want to be a part of show business. Murat the actor, but who actually never attended an acting school, is not only trying to succeed as an actor, but also wants to play the lead role of the script he has written. Although he has never read a script or even had one in his hands, he already wrote one. He must be mad. So off he goes to Cologne to start his career, and this has some serious consequences. After being robbed, he arrives at his friend Azad’s apartment, but he’s not there, only a guy named Amir, in bed with an unknown beauty. Amir doesn’t know Murat, but he’s heard about him from Azad.

Amir is a musician. He believes that music can cross borders and wants to make the world a better place. If only they would let him try, but that is the problem. No label is interested in his music or his ideals.

Then there’s Azad, an aspiring poet and director. Although Azad has no luck, he has an idea: the three should establish their own casting company. They start with a table, two chairs and a camera – right in the middle of the city. Just as things start looking up, Azad is taken off to Istanbul to get married...

Murat Ercan has acted in numerous German films and television series. Since 2005 he has also been active as a director and producer. His films include: the shorts Faces (2005) and Kein Wort zuviel (2005), and the feature The Way of Trouble Action (2007).
Genre Tragicomedy

Year of Production 2007
Director Murat Ercan
Screenplay Murat Ercan
Murat Ercan
Amir Awad
Sergio Italia, Luca Troia
Cast Murat Ercan, Luca Troia, Amir Awad, Azad Celik
Producer Murat Ercan
Production Company Almanfilm/Nordenham
Length 71 min
Format color
Original Version
Sound Technology Dolby Digital

World Sales (please contact)
Murat Ercan
Atenser Allee 39
26954 Nordenham/Germany
phone +49-47 31-36 06 21
fax +49-47 31-36 06 21