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VIktor and Viktoria (Viktor und Viktoria)

VIktor and Viktoria
Scene from "Viktor and Viktoria" (photo courtesy of Filmmuseum Berlin/Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek)

Aspiring singer Susanne takes over one night for her sick colleague, the slap-stick actor Viktor, at a small cabaret in Berlin where he works as a female impersonator. By chance, Susanne is then "discovered" by an agent, who thinks she's really a man. She becomes famous and goes on tour to London. But when the local womanizer Robert catches on to her game, Viktor then has to jump in for Susanne as "Viktoria".

Reinhold Schuenzel was born in 1888 in Hamburg and died in 1954 in Munich. Initially a stage actor, he had his first film role in Carl Froehlich's Werner Krafft (1916). In 1918, he directed his first film, Maria Magdalene, followed in 1920 by Das Maedchen aus der Ackerstrasse and Katharina die Grosse. In 1937 under increasing politcal tension, he left Germany for Hollywood to take up an offer with MGM. A selection of his other films includes: Rich Man, Poor Girl (1938), Balalaika (1939), The Ice Follies of 1939 (1939), and New Wine (1941).
Genre Comedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 1933
Director Reinhold Schuenzel
Screenplay Reinhold Schuenzel
Cinematography Konstantin Tschet, Werner Bohne
Arnfried Heyne
Franz Doelle, Bruno Balz
Benno von Arent, Artur Guenther
Cast Rudolf Platte, Paul Rehkopf, Renate Mueller, Hermann Thimig, Adolf Wohlbrueck, Hilde Hildebrand, Fritz Odemar, Friedel Pisetta, Aribert Waescher, Raffles Bill, Ewald Wenck
Producer Eduard Kubat
Production Company Universum-Film (Ufa)/Berlin
Length 102 min
Format 35 mm, b&w
Original Version
Sound Technology Mono
German Distributor Transit Film/Munich

World Sales
Transit Film GmbH
Loy W. Arnold, Mark Gruenthal, Susanne Schumann
Dachauer Strasse 35
80335 Munich/Germany
phone +49-89-5 99 88 50
fax +49-89-59 98 85 20;