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Lost One, The (Verlorene, Der)

Lost One, The
Scene from "The Lost One" (photo courtesty of Filmmuseum Berlin/Deutsche Kinemathek)

Dr. Karl Rothe conducts important research for the Nazis during the Second World War. When he finds out that his fiancée is betraying him with one of his closest colleagues and selling the results of his secret research, he kills her. Rothe wants to be punished for his actions, but the Nazis try to cover up the incident so that he can continue working for them. In a time during which mass murders are committed regularly, one more killer will go unnoticed. And so, Rothe continues to kill and changes his identity. He then works under a different name as a doctor at a collection camp for so-called “displaced persons”. At the camp, he coincidentally meets up with his old rival, who has also changed his identity. Finally, Rothe sees his chance to seek revenge...
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1951
Director Peter Lorre
Screenplay Peter Lorre, Benno Vigny, Axel Eggebrecht
Cinematography Vaclav Vich
Carl-Otto Bartning
Willy Schmidt-Gentner
Franz Schroedter, Karl Weber
Cast Peter Lorre, Karl John, Helmut Rudolph, Renate Mannhardt, Johanna Hofer, Eva-Ingeborg Scholz, Lotte Rausch, Gisela Trowe
Production Company Arnold Pressburger-Filmproduktion/Hamburg
Runtime 98 min
Format 35 mm, b&w
Sound Technology Optical
German Distributor Filmverleih Die Lupe/Goettingen

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