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Venus and Mars (Venus und Mars)

Venus and Mars

26-year-old Kay returns to her hometown, Himmelsgarten, where she meets up again with old school friends: Lisa, who works as a photographer and is visiting from San Francisco; Marie, who lives with her conservative husband in Himmelsgarten and is expecting her fourth child; and Celeste, who is married to a wealthy and considerably older man and plays the role of the spoiled creature of luxury.
Despite their different personalities and lives, they are all bound by a decisive factor: the search for "big" love and "small" personal happiness. And when Kay's mother brings out the fortune cards, it seems as though it all comes a bit closer. For when Venus and Mars cross, ...

Harry Mastrogeorge has directed over 200 productions. He works in New York and Los Angeles and was a professor of Theater, Theater Studies and Acting at Brandeis University and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Since 1960, he has been an instructor at the acting school named in his honor and is considered to be one of America's most respected acting instructors, his students including Robert Redford, Ray Liotta, Melanie Griffith, Heather Graham and Djimon Hounsou. A selection of his films includes: Mystery of the Sacred Shroud - starring Richard Burton, Desolate Silence, Cabbages and Kings and Venus and Mars (1999). He has also directed such popular television hit-series as The Mary Tyler Moore Show, From Here to Eternity, and Miami Vice.
Genre Love Story, Romantic Comedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 1999
Director Harry Mastrogeorge
Screenplay Ben Taylor
Cinematography Martin Fuhrer
Darcy Worsham, Donn Cambern
Nathan Barr
Boerries Hahn-Hoffmann, Patrick Mueller
Cast Lynn Redgrave, Daniela Lunkewitz, Michael Weatherly, Fay Masterson, Julie Bowen, Julia Sawalha, Ryan Hurst
Producers Emmo Lempert, Bernd Lunkewitz, Uwe Schott
Production Company Atlantis Film/Frankfurt, in co-production with Mitteldeutsches Filmkontor/Leipzig
Length 93 min
Format 35 mm, color
Dubbed Versions German
Original Version
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Sound Technology Dolby Digital, DTS
Sound Technology Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby
With backing from German Federal Film Board, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung
German Distributor Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany/Munich

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