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How does living with a seriously sick or disabled child influence the family structure? What specific role do the healthy siblings have? UNZERTRENNLICH accompanies children and young adults from four completely different families and seeks to find answers to these questions in their everyday lives.

Over three quarters of the population in Germany have at least one brother or sister.
These siblings are playmates, confidantes and often best friends for life. But with a sibling there also emerges rivalry in the competition for affection, attention, freedom and respect. Conflicts are part of every healthy relationship between siblings. They are important to establish a lasting balance and to support the healthy development of a child. But what happens if that is not possible because one child has a special, shielded status in the family, due to a sickness or disability and is in need of constant care?

Frauke Lodders studied Visual Communication at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, focusing on Film and Television, Directing and Screenwriting. During her studies, she also gained experience in film production as a production assistant and producer. Active as a freelance director and screenwriter, a selection of her films includes: MONDSCHEINSONATE (2008), UND SCHULD HAST DU (2009), VERLASSEN (2009), HIP HOP BRAUCHT KEIN MENSCH, ABER MENSCH BRAUCHT HIP HOP (doc, 2015), the feature MORPHEUS (2015), and INSEPARABLE (doc, 2018).
Genre Human Interest, Society, Family
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2018
Director Frauke Lodders
Cinematography Timo Schwarz, Fabian Schmalenbach
Producers Mike Beilfuß, Matthias Greving, Frauke Lodders
Co-Producer Andreas Hellmanzik
Production Company Freischwimmer Film, in co-production with Soundbase Studios
Length 91 min
Format DCP, color, 1:1.78
Original Version
Festivals Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival 2018
Awards Golden Hercules Kassel 2018
With backing from HessenFilm und Medien, German Federal Film Fund, Nordmedia
German Distributor mindjazz pictures international

World Sales
Freischwimmer Film GmbH