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photo © Angelika Huber

Almost all small music stores in Germany have gone. But in one town, a store fights the Internet and other global changes. An owner-managed store, still breathing the spirit of the 70s, never redecorated, with (very!) old typewriters in use instead of computers.

OUR YELLOW MUSIC STORE is a ride into history just becoming history. It’s a film about a traditional store, its people and its stories. A film about those who work there, musicians, music teachers and other customers, forming a bizarre microcosm for almost half a century.

It could have been a comedy, but now real estate investors want to demolish the yellow music store to get more money out of this block. They want to build modern chain store architecture.

A story like this happens everywhere, at this exact moment. But this story is about the music store of my parents, who are 65 years old ...
Genre Biopic, Music, Society
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2011
Director Stephan Brüggenthies
Screenplay Stephan Brüggenthies
Cinematography Angelika Huber
Cast Christel & Heribert Brüggenthies, Monika Glashörster, Klaus Wilde, Karl-Heinz Glashörster
Producer Stephan Brüggenthies
Production Company Moving Records/Cologne
Length 80 min
Format DigiBeta, color, 1:1.66
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Portobello Film Festival London 2011, Exposed Cologne 2011

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