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Scene from "Same Same But Different" (photo © Boje Buck Prod.)

A journey from the heart of darkness to the heart of lightness

It was just one night after the club. It became tender love. And suddenly a matter of survival.

Same Same But Different tells an unusual, modern love story. A young German falls for a Cambodian girl and stays by her side, even though she is HIV positive. Based on the true story of Benjamin Pruefer and Sreykeo Sorvan.

Detlev Buck was born in 1962 and made his fame as an actor, director and screenwriter at the age of 22. His short film TIME TO KNOCK OFF quickly became a cult classic. His first feature as a director was RABBIT FEVER, which won the Bavarian Film Prize. He followed this up with NO MORE MR. NICE GUY, which garnered an honorable mention at the Berlinale and two German Film Awards. His next film, JAILBIRDS, which he directed and starred in, made stars of the two female leads, Heike Makatsch and Marie Bäumer. In 2004, he won the German Film Award as Best Supporting Actor for his role in BERLIN BLUES (dir: Leander Haußmann). His other works as a director include: TOUGH ENOUGH and HANDS OFF MISSISSIPPI, both of which won German Film Awards in several categories, SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT, MEASURING THE WORLD, and all three BIBI & TINA films.
Genre Drama, Love Story
Category Feature
Year of Production 2009
Director Detlev Buck
Screenplay Ruth Toma
Cinematography Jana Marsik
Dirk Grau
Udo Kramer
Cast Anne Mueller, Jens Harzer, Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, David Kross, Wanda Badwal, Stefan Konarske
Producer Claus Boje
Production Company Boje Buck Produktion/Berlin, in co-production with NDR/Hamburg
Length 106 min
Format Super 16
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SRD
Festivals Locarno 2009 (Piazza Grande), Toronto 2009, Berlin 2010 (German Cinema), Shanghai 2010, Giffoni 2010
Awards Variety Piazza Grande Award Locarno 2009, Bavarian Film Prize 2010 (Best Cinematography)
With backing from German Federal Film Board, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, German Federal Film Fund
German Distributor Delphi Filmverleih/Berlin

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5 rue Nicolas Flamel
75004 Paris/France
phone +33-1-53 10 33 99