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Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Close your eyes, think of Germany. Words like Autobahn, Heidelberg, Volkswagen, Oktoberfest, Wirtschaftswunder, Fraulein and Angst come to mind. Also sentiments such as punctuality, order, reliability, lack of humour, world-domination. Since starting and losing two world wars, the Germans have been viewed with a mixture of prejudice and apprehension by their neighbours, but also a sense of admiration for turning their unmitigated defeat of 1945 into the economic success story of the Twentieth Century. Made In Germany is an uncommented compilation of archive material, edited into an entertaining and revealing collage of West German society and character. Made with an international audience in mind, the film incorporates material about Germany from all over the world. It reflects the ambivalence towards our nation, but also our underrated ability to laugh at ourselves. We're not - quite - as dull as you think. Imagine this: A film made in Germany, by Germans, about Germany. And it's actually funny! A film with irony, sarcasm, but also love and compassion - Made In Germany.

Marieke Schroeder initially studied Communication Sciences, Politics and Law in Munich, then Film at New York University. After a long cooperation with the director Jan Schmidt-Garre, she founded her own production company, Thali Media. Her documentaries have been shown in more than 24 countries and at film festivals worldwide and are available on DVD. A selection of her films as a director includes: AIDA’S BROTHERS & SISTERS (2000), LEGENDEN – OSHO VORMALS BHAGWAN (2003), JOSEPH SCHMIDT – GESCHICHTE EINES ZU KURZEN LEBENS (2004), MOZART IN WIEN (2005), SOPHIE SCHOLL – ALLEN GEWALTEN ZUM TROTZ (2005), BELLA FIGURA – MÜSSEN SÄNGER DICK SEIN? (2006), STAGE LIGHT – STAGE FRIGHT (2008), SCHILLER UND DIE MUSIK (2009), KLATSCHEN – BUHEN – SCHLAFEN, DIE OPER UND IHR PUBLIKUM (2011), COUNTRY ROADS – DER HERZSCHLAG AMERIKAS (2013), RICHARD STRAUSS – SKIZZE EINES LEBENS (2014), KINDHEIT IN BAYERN (2015), and BAR TALKS BY SCHUMANN (2017).

Thomas Hausner was born in Regensburg and studied at the Academy of Television and Film (HFF/M) in Munich from 1979-1984. He has worked for various TV stations and been a lecturer at the HFF/M since 1989. He was a correspondent for the ARD in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1993 and has made around 1,200 TV news and magazine items as well as numerous longer reportages. His other films include: Was Sie heute wissen sollten (short, 1980), August. August (short, 1981), Good Darts (short, 1983), Der Fluch von Sarajevo (1993), Es lebe unsere DDR (compilation film, 1994), and Made in Germany (compilation film, 1997).
Genre Culture
Category Documentary
Year of Production 1997
Directors Marieke Schroeder, Thomas Hausner
Screenplay Thomas Hausner
Thomas Schuerer
Producer Jens Meurer
Production Company Egoli Films/Munich, in co-production with ARTE, Bayerischer Rundfunk
Length 84 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Versions German, English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Hof 1997, Amsterdam 1997, Gothenburg 1998
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

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