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Suffering of Mr. Karpf, The - The Birthday (Leiden des Herrn Karpf, Die - Der Geburtstag)

Suffering of Mr. Karpf, The - The Birthday
Scene from "The Suffering of Mr. Karpf. The Birthday" (photo © Komet Film)

It's Mr. Karpf's birthday, but nobody calls. Probably something is wrong with the phone.

Lola Randl was born in Munich in 1980 and studied at the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) Cologne from 2001-2006. She also participated in the Munich Screenwriting Workshop in 2007. Her films include: VOM BETT AUS BEDACHT (short, 2001), BLÜHENDE SAHARA (documentary short, 2002), GEH AUS MEIN HERZ (documentary short, 2003), NACHMITTAGSPROGRAMM (short, 2004), VERENA VERONA (short, 2005), WOHLFÜHLWOCHENENDE (short, 2006), her feature debut DAYS IN BETWEEN (DIE BESUCHERIN, 2008), the series of shorts THE SUFFERING OF MR. KARPF (DIE LEIDEN DES HERRN KARPF, 2009), THE RHINO AND THE DRAGONFLY (DIE LIBELLE UND DAS NASHORN, 2012), and THE INVENTION OF LOVE (DIE ERFINDUNG DER LIEBE, 2013).
Genre Comedy
Category Short
Year of Production 2009
Director Lola Randl
Screenplay Lola Randl, Rainer Egger
Cinematography Lola Randl
Sabine Smit
Maceij Sledziecki
Cast Rainer Egger
Producer Lola Randl
Production Company Komet Film/Berlin
Length 10 min
Format color
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Berlin 2009, Oberhausen 2009, Palm Springs ShortFest 2009, Melbourne 2009, Sarajevo 2009, Festroia 2010, Uppsala 2010, Alcine Festival de Cine de Alcala de Henares 2010

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Lola Randl
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