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Life Sentence (LebensLang)

Life Sentence
Scene from "Life Sentence" (photo © EXIT Filmproduktion)

The consequences of a murder haunt the family and friends of the victim their whole lives long. A life sentence. There can be no real comfort.

In legal terms as well, nothing is forgotten: there is no statute of limitations for murder. Court exhibits are kept on hand until a final sentence is passed. The new technology of DNA analysis has proven extremely helpful in evaluating the evidence left behind at a crime scene, enabling much finer distinctions to be made. Hundreds of murderers who thought they had gotten away with it could be brought to justice after all.

In long and very personal conversations with convicted murderers, the film depicts the kind of lives they led in the time intervening between committing the crime and their ultimate arrest. Were they plagued by recurring nightmares? Or were they able to repress the incident as time went by, easing their conscience with a web woven of self-justification and refusal to own up to what they had done?

A documentary on the theme of guilt and redemption; a penetrating, multifaceted psychogram of the depths and suffering of the human soul.
Genre Society
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2007
Director Wolfram Seeger
Cinematography Wolfram Seeger
Wolfram Seeger
Producer Wolfram Seeger
Production Company EXIT Filmproduktion/Roesrath
Length 85 min
Format color
Original Version
Subtitled Version English

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