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The film adaptation of Georg Buechner's novella about the sojourn of the schizoid poet Lenz at the the house of Father Oberlin.

George Moorse was born in 1936 in New York and died in 1999 in Cologne. A selection of his films includes: Inside Out (1965), Der Findling (TV, 1967), Liebe und so weiter (1968), The Cuckoo Years (TV, 1968), The Griller (1968), Lenz (1971), Pan (1973), Inki (1973), Schattenreiter (1974), Schnelles Geld (1983), Brandmale (1983), around 100 episodes of the hit TV series Lindenstrasse, Zwischen Tag und Nacht (TV, 1995), Himmel, Harz, Hoelle - goethes Daemonen (TV, 1999).
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1970
Director George Moorse
Screenplay George Moorse
Cinematography Gerard Vandenberg
Christa Wernicke
David Llewellyn
Cast Michael König, Louis Waldon, Sigurd Bischoff, Klaus Lea, Kristin Peterson
Production Company Literarisches Colloquium/Berlin
Length 130 min
Format color
Original Version
Sound Technology Mono
Festivals German Film Award 1971