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Jeckes - Distant Relatives (Jeckes - Die entfernten Verwandten)

Jeckes - Distant Relatives

There are Germans. There are Jews. And there are those who are both: Jeckes - Jews of German origin. They came to Israel in the thirties or after the Holocaust. Having lost one home, they set out to build another. Now, at the end of their lives, they can talk of being German, being Jewish, being Israeli and of simply being confused by the whole issue. Jeckes is not about what you might expect from a film about Germans and Jews - it is full of optimism and humor, an entertaining and moving encounter with seven gifted and charming storytellers. But the filmmakers are skating on thin ice - behind every great joke lies an equally great catastrophe.letzte

Jens Meurer was born in 1963. He was the winner of the European Film Academy's European Documentary Film of the Year (Felix) in 1995. His documentaries include: Beyond The Kremlin Walls (Das letzte Jahr der Sowjetunion, 1990-92), Viva Stalin (fiction short, 1994), Strange Neighbours (Grenzland, 1995), Egoli - My South African Home Movie (Egoli - Ein Heimatfilm aus Suedafrika, 1997), Jeckes - Distant Relatives (Jeckes - Die entfernten Verwandten, 1997). Jens Meurer is also one of Germany's most renowned independent producers. His company Egoli Tossell (co-)produced many successful films, among them 27 Missing Kisses by Nana Djordjatse and Russian Ark by Alexander Sokurov.

Carsten Hueck was born in 1962. He has worked as an actor, theatre director, freelance writer for various TV stations and newspapers as well as staff member of RIAS TV and Deutsche Welle TV. He co-directed Jeckes - Distant Relatives with Jens Meurer.
Genre History
Category Documentary
Year of Production 1997
Directors Jens Meurer, Carsten Hueck
Screenplay Jens Meurer, Carsten Hueck
Cinematography Bernd Fischer
Gabi Kull-Neujahr
Cast Paul Jacobi, Gitta Sherover, Elly Freund, Michael Smuss, Anna Maria Jokl, Stef Wertheimer, Naomi Fraenkel
Producer Jens Meurer
Production Company Egoli Films/Munich, in co-production with ARTE, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Channel 4, London
Length 99 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Mono
Sound Technology Mono, Optical
Festivals Marseille 1997
Awards Prix Planàte Cable Marseille 1997
German Distributor Salzgeber & Co. Medien

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