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Elli Schulze has been been working efficiently as a bank cashier for ten years. She is a generous and big hearted person and tends to look after everyone's needs but her own.

After splitting up from her husband, she has to continue paying off the loans they took out. But as much as she juggles with the payments, the debts are too high. Soon, Elli's flat is repossessed. From one day to the next, she's out in the streets. Blumenberg, the sympathetic bailiff, offers to help her but in fact is more interested in her baroque physique. Nor does Elli's sister manage to prevail on her husband to help her. Eventually, Elli finds refuge with Cora, a young homeless woman living in a caravan.
But things go from bad to worse. When money is found missing in the cash till, Elli is accused of stealing the money. She's dismissed on the spot. For the first time ever, she's at a complete loss...

Matti Geschonneck was born in 1952 in Potsdam. A prolific director, his award-winning films for television and the cinema include: GESCHLOSSENE AKTEN (1993), ENDSTATION (1994), ANGST HAT EINE KALTE HAND (1995), DER SCHREI DER LIEBE (1996), DER ROSENMÖRDER (1997), REISE IN DIE NACHT (1997), MÖRDERKIND (1998), COMEBACK FÜR FREDDY BAKER (1998), GANZ UNTEN, GANZ OBEN (1999), JENSEITS DER LIEBE (2000), EIN MÖRDERISCHER PLAN (2000), SPÄTE RACHE (2001), DIE MUTTER (2002), MORD AM MEER (2003), LIEBE NACH DEM TOD (2004), SILBERHOCHZEIT (2005), ZEIT ZU LEBEN (2006), DUELL IN DER NACHT (2007), ENTFÜHRT (2008), BOXHAGENER PLATZ (2009), THE WITNESS HOUSE (2015), and IN TIMES OF FADING LIGHT (2017).
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1999
Director Matti Geschonneck
Screenplay Hanna Hollinger
Cinematography Hans Grimmelmann
Heidi Handorf
Philippe Kayser, Frank Kuruc
Cast Dietmar Baer, Marianne Sägebrecht, Katharina Meinecke, Tilo Prückner
Producers Jakob Claussen, Thomas Wöbke
Production Company Claussen+Putz Filmproduktion
Length 88 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Hof 1999

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