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Hostage Flight to Paradise (Geiselfahrt ins Paradies)

Hostage Flight to Paradise

Hubert works in a schnapps factory where he distills alcohol. He takes his profession seriously. He is sacked unexpectedly and that not only prevents him from being able to travel to China to marry the sister of a former colleague. He really tries his luck in the world of gambling: he stages a raid on a Lotto agency. His haul is DM 40,000 in used notes in small denominations and -unexpectedly - Gesine, the cashier from the Lotto shop. And then there's also Marie, Gesine's ten year old daughter, who actually would prefer to finish her homework. But she isn't able to do that for the time being. The three run away, disguised as a nuclear family, and end up on an island in the North Sea. But the hunt for the unscrupulous hostage-taker is underway...

Hans-Erich Viet was born in East Friesland in 1953. He studied Philosophy, Politics and Sociology of Art in Berlin and Belfast, followed by studies at the German Film & Television Academy in Berlin (dffb). A selection of his films includes: Karniggel (1991) in co-direction with Detlev Buck, Frankie, Jonny and the others (Frankie, Jonny und die anderen, 1993), Die rote Hand von Ulster (documentary, 1996/1997), Hostage Flight to Paradise (Geiselfahrt ins Paradies, 1997), Schlange auf dem Altar (1998), Milk and Honey from Rotfront (Milch und Honig aus Rotfront, 2000), Traumfrau mit Verspaetung (TV, 2001), several episodes of the TV series Polizeiruf, and Made in Deutschland (Deutschland nervt, 2009).
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1997
Director Hans-Erich Viet
Screenplay Hans-Erich Viet
Cinematography Konrad Kotowski
Mona Bräuer
Kambiz Giahi
Cast Armin Rohde, Hubertus Hartmann, Gesa Badenhorst, Horst Frank
Producer Hans-Erich Viet
Production Company Viet Filmproduktion/Berlin, in co-production with ARTE, NDR/Hamburg
Length 92 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Version French
Sound Technology Dolby SR
German Distributor Verleih der Filmemacher/Munich

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