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Colour Test.6 (Farbtest.6)

Colour Test.6
Scene from "Colour Test.6" (photo © Gerd Conradt)

Berlin 1968, a film experiment in the style of Earweard Muybridge, Andy Warhol and the New American Cinema: young men do a relay race passing a red flag in the midst of the traffic along a busy street, the last one carries the flag into City Hall. Inspired by this "study of movement and a symbol", remakes ensue in Stockholm, Sulmona and Hong Kong.

Colour Test.6 is a synthesis of these four relays into one film -- the "Colour Test of the Revolution" is carried on, with a prospect in Beijing.

Gerd Conradt was born in 1941 in Thuringia. After studying Photography, he started his film career at the German Film & Television Academy (dffb) in Berlin in 1966. After lecturing for about seven years at different Berlin universities, he directed a series of German poems for the Berlin broadcaster SFB. Since this time he has been working as a director and author for documentary films for television and cinema. His films include: About Holger Meins (1982), The Video-Pioneer (1984), TV-Greetings from West to East (1985), Heavy User (1989), Hold Me - Love Me: Tempodrom in Berlin (1995), Dyngyldai (1996), People and Stones (1998), Starbuck - Holger Meins (2001), Mount Ever-Red (2005), The Spree - Symphony of a River (2007), and Colour Test.6 (2008).
Genre Experimental
Category Short
Year of Production 2008
Director Gerd Conradt
Screenplay Gerd Conradt
Cinematography Charles Voelsen, Svante Larsson, Sergio Recchia, Franky Lung
Henning Gross
Lutz Glandien
Production Companies ds-films/Berlin, Mandala.Vision/Berlin
Length 21 min
Original Version
 no dialogue
Festivals Rome 2008

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