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Germany 1937: Admiral Canaris, head of the German defense, is at the pinnacle of his career. When his doubt about Hitler's politics begins to surface, it is already too late: WWII has already begun. Canaris agrees to an assasination attempt on Hitler's life.

Alfred Weidenmann was born in 1916 in Stuttgart and died in 2000 in Zurich. His films include: Haende hoch (1942), Weg in die Freiheit (1952), Canaris (1954), Adorable Julia (Julia, Du bist zauberhaft, 1962), Condemned to Sin (Die Festung, 1964), and numerous television films.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1954
Director Alfred Weidenmann
Screenplay Erich Ebermayer, Herbert Reinecker
Cinematography Franz Weihmayr
Cast O.E. Hasse, Adrian Hoven, Barbara Ruetting, Martin Held, Wolfgang Preiss, Peter Mosbacher
Producer Werner Drake
Production Company Fama Film/Hamburg
Length 110 min
Format b&w
Original Version
Awards German Film Award 1954 Best Film & Best Direction