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CLIMATE WARRIORS focuses on one key factor: the energy transition. The film presents people from diverse backgrounds who act for resistance to strong lobbyists and inhuman societal realities. War and hunger for energy seem dangerously intertwined. Can the struggle to fight for these resources be stopped with renewable energy solutions?

CLIMATE WARRIORS offers an inside view of a modern revolution and illustrates cutting-edge technologies and inspiring activism. This movie shows how the energy revolution can actually be realized.
Genre Environment/Ecology, Educational
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2017
Directors Carl-A. Fechner, Nicolai Niemann
Cinematography Philipp Baben der Erde
Producer Carl-A. Fechner
Production Company fechnerMEDIA
Runtime 86 min
Format color, cs
 English, German
Sound Technology Dolby Digital 5.1

World Sales
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