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photo © Jørg Kundinger

Crowdfunding is perhaps the most significant social development of the past decades. It democratizes culture, innovation, and the way we do business.

CAPITAL C is the first documentary on the crowdfunding revolution. It follows the endeavors of three independent artists, who reach out to the crowd to change their lives forever: Brian Fargo finds a way to reboot his video game Wasteland through a multi-million dollar crowdfunding campaign. Now the eyes of more than 60,000 supporters are on him to deliver on his promises for Wasteland II. Zach Crain and his team rely on the crowd to create knitted bottle koozies. But success also leads to unwanted attention when a multinational company rips off Zach's ideas. As his crowdfunding campaign goes viral, Jackson Robinson is given the opportunity to make a viable career as an artist. However, he has to learn that the fruition of his dream comes at a price for him and his family.

CAPITAL C was crowdfunded by 586 people from 24 countries.
Genre Art, Drama, Society
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2014
Directors Jørg Kundinger, Timon Birkhofer
Screenplay Jørg Kundinger, Timon Birkhofer
Cinematography Jørg Kundinger, Timon Birkhofer
Producers Jørg Kundinger, Timon Birkhofer, Stefan Brunner, Katrin Holetzeck
Co-Producer Nikolaus Dick
Production Company FATHER&SUN, in co-production with Myra Productions
Runtime 87 min
Format color, 16:9
Festivals Zurich 2014, CPH:DOX 2014
Awards Honorable Mention Zurich 2014
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, German Federal Film Fund

World Sales
Java Films
Kathryn Bonnici

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