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What would Alfons Zitterbacke give to be a great athlete, a super student and an astronaut, just like Alexander Gerst. But that isn’t what his world looks like. The 11-year-old stumbles from one mishap to the next. Everyone seems to gang up on him. Unfair teachers, vicious classmates and a very strict father generally make life miserable for him – when out of the clear blue an aircraft competition offers the opportunity to participate in an astronaut camp and Alfons sees his chance: At last he can show the world what a brilliant inventor he is – particularly Emilia, the new girl in class. The only trouble is that Alfons’ rival, Nico, also decides to take part in the competition and challenges him to a dual: Are you chicken or what? In his dilemma, Alfons drags his best friend Benni, into the affair, and now there’s no way out: They have to win the competition. But how?

ALFONS ZITTERBACKE is an action-packed comedy about friendship, outer space, fathers and sons and the best plans for building rockets.

Mark Schlichter was born in 1962. Initially he studied Acting and worked as an actor in several feature film and theater productions. After working as a unit and production manager on various feature film productions he studied Directing at the German Film and Television Academy (DFFB) in Berlin. In addition to numerous theater productions and short films, his award-winning feature films as a director include: EX (1995), DER AUSBRUCH (1997), SCHIMANSKI – MUTTERTAG (1997), DER ELEFANT IN MEINEM BETT (1999), COWGIRL (2004), TATORT – STRAHLENDE ZUKUNFT (2007), ZORN – VOM LIEBEN UND STERBEN (2015), and ALFONS JITTERBIT - COUNTDOWN TO CHAOS (2019).
Genre Family Entertainment
Category Feature
Year of Production 2019
Director Mark Schlichter
Screenplay Anja Flade-Kruse, Mark Schlichter, John Chambers
Cinematography Christof Wahl
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Cast Tilman Döbler, Alexandra Maria Lara, Devid Striesow, Leopold Ferdinand Schill, Lisa Moell, Ron Antony Renzenbrink, Katharina Thalbach, Wolfgang Stumph, Bürger Lars Dietrich, Olaf Schubert, Thorsten Merten, Stephanie Stumph, Louis Held, Laila Meinecke, Rosa Meinecke, Tobias Krell, Helmut Roßmann, Alexander Gerst
Producers Nicole Kellerhals, Uwe Schott, Stefan Arndt
Co-Producer Mark Schlichter
Production Company X Filme Creative Pool, in co-production with MDR, ARD
Length 90 min
Format DCP, color, 1:1.85
Original Version
Festivals German Film Festival Portland 2019, KinderKinoFestival Schwäbisch Gmünd 2019, Universal Kids FF Turkey 2019, Hsinchu City Children's FF 2019, Int. Children's FF Yerevan 2019, SCHLINGEL Chemnitz 2019, Juniorfest 2019, Kinderkinofest Düsseldorf 2019, Festival des Deutschen Films Ludwigshafen 2019, Augenblick 2019, Quito IFF 2019, Kölner Kinderfilmfest 2019, Bielefelder Kinderfilmfest 2019, Listapad Minsk 2019, Just Film Tallinn 2019, ZERO PLUS International Children's Film Festival 2019, Kinderfilmtagen Ruhrgebiet 2019
With backing from BKM, German Federal Film Board, German Federal Film Fund, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung

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