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<<7>> Jungle Spirit

<<7>> Jungle Spirit
Film poster for "<<7>> Jungle Spirit" (courtesy of 2nd Life Film Production)

Japanese WWII hostages, ritual killings for 20 years, one man’s dreams and an innocent Malaysian reporter, are drawn together in a true life web of mystery that appears as a modern day conspiracy.

Jane is not the first reporter for a Malaysian newspaper to investigate the mysterious murders of young girls over the last 20 years, but she is the first to know of Amachi’s dreams. Her investigations lead her to supernatural and unexplainable connections to a group of hostages, taken by Japanese soldiers in WWII that never returned, lost on a Malaysian Island. As she is drawn deeper and deeper into the unknown, the "Unknown" comes to know her, to haunt her and to stalk her. Is she the next victim? The police know the answer but don’t interfere. They dare not. Are they part of the conspiracy?
Genre Fantasy, Drama, Psycho Thriller
Category Feature
Year of Production 2006
Director Ingo Storm
Screenplay Ingo Storm
Ingo Storm, Rene Carte
Cast Si Tan, Tui Shin Kae, Wong Pei Sze, Chuah Soo Chin, Joseph Wong, Lynnzabel Lee, Jack Cheung, Khoo Kok Keong, Hiroki Onishi, Kylanie Lee, Abdul Fata, Horibe Akane, Ingo Storm, Yeoh Kah Hwee, Johnny Goh
Producers Ingo Storm, Ching Wan Cheok
Production Company 2nd Life Film Production/Kaufbeuren
Length 90 min
Original Version
Subtitled Versions English, Japanese

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