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Stories from Above and Below (Historias de Arriba y Abajo)

Stories from Above and Below
Scene from "Stories from Above and Below" (photo © Christian Stollwerk)

Roberto had always wanted to run his own hotel in the city of La Paz/Bolivia. Now it’s four floors high and expanding. Viviana still dreams of owning her own grocery store. The miniatures in her shrine are wishes that Ekheko, the God of abundance, will turn into reality, just as he did for Roberto.

Marisol the Shepherd leaves behind her llamas. She grows wings so she can soar with the Condor, with whom she falls in love. The Flower Bird’s house is so tiny that the girl he seduced with his melodies will not fit inside. And the travelers, shaken by the bus, stare down into the abyss, hoping to soothe the demons who lurk by the sides of the steep Andean roads.

Stories from Above and Below transports us to the vibrant world of Andean fairy tales, which lies at the very heart of day-to-day Bolivian life. From the ice-capped peaks of the Cordillera, through the winding city of La Paz, to the jungle below, we experience a syncretism of history, fiction and modern life in a region striving for a reawakening of its roots.
Genre Culture, Society, Fairy Tale
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2006
Director Thomas Boeltken
Screenplay Thomas Boeltken
Cinematography Christian Stollwerk
Thomas Boeltken
Fidel Vies, Erwin Caimani, Macario Chita
Cast Clemente Mamani, Marisol Quispe, Roberto Bozo Bollati, Viviana Ticona, Mario Larico Huanca
Producer Christian Stollwerk
Production Company Neue Monopolfilm/Leipzig
Length 87 min
Format color
Original Version
 English & Spanish
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Stereo
Festivals Havana 2006

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