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In the Garden (Im Garten)

In the Garden
Scene from "In the Garden"

A film portrait of a garden, which the gardener and philosopher of nature Karl Foerster designed in 1910 in Potsdam. In the Garden was filmed in monthly intervals to show how the garden changed in the course of a year, from October 2000 through to November 2001.

"'The flower proves to be a greater pioneer of the new relations between the world and the soul. Unimaginable effects proceed from gardens and flowers' Karl Foerster wrote, and we think that some of the spiritual power of this garden has rubbed off on us." Ute Aurand, Baerbel Freund

Ute Aurand was born in 1957 in Frankfurt and grew up in Berlin. She studied at the German Academy of Film & Television (dffb) in Berlin from 1979-1985. Since then, she has been a freelance filmmaker and organizer of numerous film programs at cinemas in Berlin and has taught at various film and art academies in Germany and Switzerland. A selection of her films includes: SILENTLY DEEPLY ABSORBED IN CONVERSATION (SCHWEIGEND INS GESPRÄCH VERTIEFT, 1981), DETOUR (UMWEG, 1982, in co-direction with Ulrike Pfeiffer), PAUL CELAN READS (PAUL CELAN LIEST, 1985), OH! THE 4 SEASONS (OH! DIE 4 JAHRESZEITEN, 1988, in co-direction with Ulrike Pfeiffer), DETEL + JÓN (1988-1993), MARIA AND THE WORLD (MARIA UND DIE WELT, 1995), LITTLE FLOWERS, LITTLE LEAVES (KLEINE BLUMEN, KLEINE BLÄTTER, 1995), THIRDS (TERZEN, 1998), TOYING WITH STRING (FADENSPIELE, 1999, in co-direction with Detel Aurand), IN THE GARDEN (IM GARTEN, 2002, in co-direction with Bärbel Freund), HALF MOON FOR MARGARET (HALBMOND FÜR MARGARET, 2004), INDIA (2005), THE BUTTERFLY IN WINTER (DER SCHMETTERLING IM WINTER, 2006, in co-direction with Maria Lang), BUILDING UNDER GROUND (IN DIE ERDE GEBAUT, 2008), HANGING UPSIDE DOWN IN THE BRANCHES (KOPFÜBER IM GEÄST, 2009), and YOUNG PINES (JUNGE KIEFERN, 2011).

Baerbel Freund was born in 1958 in Duesseldorf. After taking courses in Photography, she studied at the German Academy of Film & Television (dffb) in Berlin from 1979-1985 and took acting courses from 1981-1983. Since 2001, she has been coordinating the monthly "FilmSamstag" event at the Babylon cinema in Berlin, together with Ute Aurand, Renate Sami and others. Her films include: Jellyfilm (Gruetzefilm), Camera Dance (Kameratanz), and Blind (all 1981), The Rules of the Game (Die Spielregeln, 1985), Kontinuum (1990), Colourette (Faerblein, 1990-1992), The Three Righteous Combmakers (Die drei gerechten Kammacher, 1994), Impromptu Counterpoint of the Animals (Kontrapunkt der Tiere aus dem Stegreif, 2000), Tulipan (2002), In the Garden (Im Garten, 2002), and To Mrs. Foerster (Fuer Frau Foerster, 2002).
Genre Art
Category Documentary, Short
Year of Production 2002
Directors Ute Aurand, Baerbel Freund
Producer Baerbel Freund
Production Company Baerbel Freund Film/Berlin
Length 29 min
Format 16 mm, color
Original Version
Festivals Selb 2003, Toronto 2003 (Wavelengths), Hong Kong 2004
With backing from Kuenstlerinnen Programm Berlin

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