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Bride of Heaven, The (Himmelsbraut, Die)

Bride of Heaven, The

The minor Jessica-Maria, who has escaped from a home in Odenwald, is driven by a religious obsession. In her opinion, the biblical dream she unwaveringly holds to can only become reality if she succeeds in protecting her purity in the face of every calamity. Jess is responsible in the massage parlour "Aphrodite" for the "ecentric requests". The owner of the massage parlour Herr Jakov who feeds her mania with bible quotations and mysterious erotic seances, himself watches jealously over her "intactness". The carpenter Josef, who goes from one building site to another in an ancient Opel Blitz that he's converted into a caravan, gives a lift to the girl hitchhiker when she is being pursued by an angry client she's conned out of 200 Marks in the forest. Jessica sees her biblical Joseph in Josef the carpenter. This is the beginning of a tragicomic love story where the naive Josef gradually becomes an accomplice of Jessica's obsession and is swept away into the whirl of her story.
Category Feature
Year of Production 1997
Directors Katrin Koester, Helmut Herbst
Screenplay Katrin Koester, Helmut Herbst
Cinematography Marian Czura, Janne Busse
Renate Merck, Johannes Grehl
Sebastian Gramss
Cast Katharina Eckerfeld, Norbert Schliewe
Producer Helmut Herbst
Production Company cinegrafik Helmut Herbst, Brombachtal-Birkert
Length 80 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Sound Technology Dolby A

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