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© Alexander Dietrich, Johannes Flick

Two male, glowing creatures start a fight over trying to impress a female. Each one of them wants to win her over by giving a better light show than his competitor. They are on fire... until one gets burned!
Genre Animation
Category Short
Year of Production 2016
Directors Alexander Dietrich, Johannes Flick
Screenplay Alexander Dietrich, Johannes Flick
Animation Alexander Dietrich, Ringo Klapschinsky, Valentin Sitnikov, Cynthia Collins, Annie Habermehl, Meike Müller
Producer Mareike Keller
Production Company Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Runtime 4 min 13 sec
Format DCP, color, 16:9
 no dialogue
Sound Technology 5.1
Festivals VES Awards 2017, Aspen 2017, Independent Days Karlsruhe 2017, ITFS Stuttgart 2017, Short Shorts Tokyo 2017, Anima Mundi Brazil 2017, Warsaw 2017, Cambridge 2017, Encounters Bristol 2017
Awards Short Tiger 2017

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