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It (Es)

Hilke and Manfred, an unmarried couple, are living together in Berlin where they both work in their respective professions. Financially, they are not badly off; they are perfectly happy and do not think of separation or of marriage. One day, Hilke discovers that she is pregnant but she also knows that Manfred does not want to have any children as yet, and believes that she can solve the problem in her own way. After a intensive search, she finds a surgeon who will help her. However, when Manfred learns the truth about the operation, their happiness is completely destroyed.

Ulrich Schamoni was born in 1939 in Berlin and died in 1998. After his schooling, he took acting lessons in Munich. He worked on over 30 television and feature films as director’s assistant for such renowned directors as Rudolf Noelte, William Dieterle and Hans Litzau. In 1962, he wrote the controversial novel Dein Sohn laesst gruessen. His films include: It (Es, 1966), Next Year, Same Time (Alle Jahre wieder, 1967), Quartet in Bed (Quartett im Bett, 1968), We Two (Wir – Zwei, 1969), Eins (1971), Top Hat (Chapeau Claque, 1973), and Das Traumhaus (1980), among others.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1966
Director Ulrich Schamoni
Screenplay Ulrich Schamoni
Cinematography Gerard Vandenberg
Cast Sabine Sinjen, Bruno Dietrich, Ulrike Ullrich, Harry Gillmann, Inge Herbrecht, Tilla Durieux
Production Company H.M. Adloff Produktion, Munich
Original Version
Subtitled Version English