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Tricky Fingers (Kunstgriff)

Tricky Fingers
Scene from "Tricky Fingers"

The attractive and elegant pickpocket Anna is having an successful evening at a art opening. But this time she is not alone. An unknown enemy is working her territory. Even Anna's own necklace is stolen. So she sets out to find her competition and seek revenge...

André F. Nebe was born in 1973. After studying Law he completed several internships at various film and television production companies. He then participated in exchange programs in Spain and Costa Rica, followed by film studies at the University of Hamburg. His films include the shorts: Morning (Morgen, 1997), Stars (Sterne, 2001), Tricky Fingers (Kunstgriff, 2002), Knockout (2003), Studying Law (documentary, 2003), Examen (2004), and Final Credits or The Hero of the Hour(Abspann oder der Held der Stunde, 2005). More information on
Genre Comedy
Category Short
Year of Production 2002
Director André F. Nebe
Screenplay Katrin Lehnert
Cinematography Sven O. Hill
Diana Karsten
Thilo Krueger
Janina Lauer
Cast Ursula Buschhorn, Hans-Werner Meyer
Producer Raoul Reinert
Production Company Hamburg Media School/Hamburg
Length 6 min
Format 35 mm, b&w
Original Version
 no dialogue
Sound Technology Dolby SR

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