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Tokyo Back For The Future

Tokyo Back For The Future

Way out of hectic downtown Tokyo, - looking for everyday life and old Tokyo, the way leads to Mukojima. Over there on the bank of the Sumida, located in the north east of Tokyo, a place, where traditional customs survived, the residence of old-established "TokyoteesÒ, which are proud of their part of the town. Four chapters of everyday life in Mukojima: East of the Sumida: A historic and literary walk along the east banks of the Sumida river together with trippers, a professional story-teller and many residents. Four invitations for dinner and a comic strip introduce residents and eating manners - from the traditional way of chewing Soba noodles, the preparation of raw fish, to the very special eating of Monja pancakes. Rojison - praise to narrow streets and alleys: The remodelling of the district with its narrow streets and alleys and little wooden houses occupies the residents, and the town planners search for a way between tradition and modern age. ...and the "godsÒ dance the tango: The "Hundred Flower GroupÒ performs traditional music and dances and they dance the tango - in a very Japanese way!

Michael Sombetzki

Brigitte Krause studied at the German Film & Television Academy (dffb) in Berlin and the Academy for Fine Arts in Hamburg. She has taught Film at the University of Dortmund and was awarded a grant to study Film at Tokyo\'s Nihon University by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). She has made two short features, Diese Sonne hier im Winter and Bob sucht Yoshiko - In Tokio unterwegs, as well as the documentaries Rueckkehr der Familie Arzik, Kann Shoreh zu Ende studieren?, Bronski schuftet fuer den Rock, Einmal die Loreley besingen, Leben aus Zweiter Hand, East-West Visions, Tokyo Back To The Future. Her Des Faechers Schneide won the Golden Dove at the Leipzig International Documentary and Animation Film Festival in 1991.
Category Documentary
Directors Michael Sombetzki, Brigitte Krause
Screenplay Brigitte Krause
Brigitte Krause
Richard Hartwell, Futomi Fujimoto, Hannes Wienert, Masayoshi Okubo, Terajima, Hyakkaren
Producer Michael Sombetzki
Production Company Trigon Film/Hamburg
Length 88 min
Format 16 mm, color
Dubbed Versions German
Original Version
With backing from Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, The Japan Foundation
German Distributor East-West-Visions/Hamburg

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