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Three Days in April (Drei Tage im April)

Three Days in April

April 1945. Chaos and involuntary funny ways of the last days of the war in a Swabian village. A craving for life and fear of the future. How will it go on? And will it go on at all? But then, over- night, a train arrives at the small station and brings horror that nobody was prepared for. Three cattle waggons with wretched figures are uncoupled. The dying stay on the tracks for three days, strangers who nobody seems to be responsible for. Strangely enough, life goes on. Everybody has their own problems. Only for the young girl Anna nothing will be as it was, in particular, her home will never be the same again.

Oliver Storz was born in 1929 and studied German, Roman and English Languages and Literature in Tuebingen. He worked as a teacher before becoming a freelance literary critic. From 1957-1959, he was a feature editor and theater critic at the Stuttgarter Zeitung followed by work as a producer and scriptwriter at Bavaria Atelier from 1960-1974. A selection of his films includes: Der Stadtbrand (1984), Beinahe Trinidad (1985), Das Viereck (1987), Ein naheliegender Mord (1988), Der Unschuldsengel (1992), Christinas Seitensprung (1993), Three Days in April (Drei Tage im April, 1994), Daybreak (Gegen Ende der Nacht, 1998), and In the Shadow of Power (Im Schatten der Macht, 2002/2003), among others.
Category Feature
Director Oliver Storz
Screenplay Oliver Storz
Cinematography Hans Grimmelmann
Juergen Lenz
Werner Fischoetter, Markus Schmitt
Cast Karoline Eichhorn, Dieter Eppler, April Hailer, Sepp Schauer, Walter Schultheiß, Reinhold Ohngemach, Eva Michel
Producers Dietger Bansberg, Stefanie Gros
Production Company SDR/Stuttgart, in co-production with ARTE, ORF/Vienna
Length 103 min
Format 35 mm, color
Dubbed Versions French
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Optical
Festivals Schwerin 95, Bayerischer Filmpreis: Spezialpreis, Prix Europa: Spezialpreis, Prix Italia, Grimme-Preis, Berlin 95: German Films
German Distributor Arsenal Film Verleih/Tübingen

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