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Team of SECHSTER SINN (photo © Ben Brix)

Shooting has been underway since last autumn at locations in Kassel, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Osnabrück and surroundings on the 25-minute short project SECHSTER SINN, DRITTES AUGE, ZWEITES GESICHT
(“Sixth Sense, Third Eye, Second Face”) which is being directed by Jan Riesenbeck, a student at the Kunsthochschule Kassel since 2007.

SECHSTER SINN centers on a blind man who sees the world through the eyes of other people. The images he sees no longer have anything to do with the kind of life he is now leading. Looking for his own perspective, he is helped by an opthalmologist who is also a philosopher and magician and undertakes a journey with him into his childhood, and then by a woman painter of the invisible who succeeds in using his memories to build a mirror in which he can recognize himself.

The film, which is described as “a unique mixture of fairytale, comedy, science fiction, essay and drama” sees Riesenbeck working again with actor Ruben Zumstrull who has appeared in many of the director’s previous films. Most recently, he was a modern Charlie Chaplin in Riesenbeck’s KOPFGEBURTENKONTROLLE which won more than 20 prizes, including the German Young Filmmakers Award in 2009.

They collaborated in the new film on the development of the character for the blind man, and the project has been accompanied by Oscar®-winning visual effects wizard Volker Engel (INDEPENDENCE DAY) serving as a mentor as part of the Young Filmmakers Award.

According to the makers, the film will offer a mélange of associations as up to 700 different film scenes are brought together along with almost one hundred different speaking roles: “Fast editing, visual games and linguistic wit will determine the narrative style. As in a puzzle, the numerous ideas will come together to form one big image.”

Broadcast rights have already been sold to ZDF/ARTE for airing on one of ARTE’s short film slots, and there are plans for a theatrical release.

Genre Action, Adventure, Animation, Art, Comedy, Drama, Experimental, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Category Short
Year of Production 2011
Director Jan Riesenbeck
Screenplay Jan Riesenbeck
Cinematography Ben Brix
Cast Ruben Zumstrull, Anna Fischer, Adam Oest
Producer Roland Fischer
Production Company Ocean Pictures Filmproduktion/Memmingen, in co-production with Kunsthochschule Kassel
With backing from BKM, Hessische Filmförderung, ZDF/ARTE

Ocean Pictures Filmproduktion
Roland Fischer
Wespachweg 5
87700 Memmingen/Germany
phone +49-179-549 4013