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Room in the Mirror, The (Zimmer im Spiegel, Das)

Room in the Mirror, The
Scene from "The Room in the Mirror" (photo © Schattengewaechs Filmproduktion)

Shut away from society.
Enclosed in the tiniest space.

When the silence becomes unbearable.
When loneliness gives rise to despair.

When terror rules everyday life and the threat is ever-present.

There’s only one way out...

During the Second World War, Luisa, who is Jewish, is hidden away in an empty loft apartment in Munich by her non-Jewish husband, to protect her from the Nazi terror. She is shut away from society and enclosed in the tiniest space, and after her husband disappears, the actress and resistance fighter Judith soon becomes her only human contact. Judith accompanies Luisa on a mysterious journey from brutal reality into a poetic world of longing and adventure...
Genre Melodrama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2008
Director Rudi Gaul
Screenplay Rudi Gaul
Cinematography Christian D. Hartmann
David Purviance
Konstantin Wecker, Indigo Landscapes
Gwendolyn Henn
Cast Kirstin Fischer, Eva Wittenzellner, Maximilian Berger, Klaus Muenster
Producers Isabella von Klass, Rudi Gaul, Florian Noehbauer
Production Company Schattengewaechs Filmproduktion/Munich
Runtime 106 min
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Ophuels Festival Saarbruecken 2009 (In Competition), Sao Paulo 2009

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