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On The Wings Of Love (Wer liebt, dem wachsen Fluegel)

On The Wings Of Love

Christian lives alone in a beautiful house built at the turn of the century and deals in "old junk". He has a pleasant demeanour, rather as if he were not from our time. Maria storms into his life. She is no less swept away by this sweet, romantic, old-fashioned knight than he is by her, a fascinating career woman. Maria is on her way up, towards the top position in her father's company. Only her arch enemy, the crafty and glamorous Ricarda, now stands in her way. Christian, who dreams of the laughter of children and a house with a small garden in front, hardly sees his wife any more. It appears that their great love is about to founder on the different worlds the two inhabit, until Christian makes a final and ardent vow of love in Vienna: "Those who love grow wings"!

Gabriel Barylli was born in Vienna in 1957 and attended the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. He appeared on the stage at the Burgtheater, Berlin's Schiller Theater and in Salzburg. He penned the dramatic trilogy Butterbrot, Honigmond and Abendwind, the first two parts also being adapted into novels and films. He also wrote the novels Folge dem gelben Steinweg and Schmetterling. His film appearances have included Niklaus Schilling's The Woman Without Body and the Projectionist (Die Frau ohne Koerper und der Projektionist, 1982), Axel Corti's Welcome in Vienna (1985) and Eine blassblaue Frauenschrift (1986), as well as Xaver Schwarzenberger's Gewitter im Mai (1987), and Régis Wargnier's Une Femme Française (A French Woman, 1994). He made his directorial debut in 1990 with Bread and Butter (Butterbrot), followed by Honey Moon (Honigmond, 1995), Der Todesengel (1996), On The Wings Of Love (Wer liebt, dem wachsen Fluegel, 1999), Verliebt in eine Unbekannte (TV, 1999), Ich kaufe mir einen Mann (TV, 2000), Feindliche Schwestern - Wenn aus Liebe Hass wird (TV, 2000), Anwalt des Herzens (TV, 2001), and Reise des Herzens (TV, 2001).
Category Feature
Director Gabriel Barylli
Screenplay Gabriel Barylli
Cinematography Achim Poulheim
Andreas Herzog
Prof. Norbert Schneider
Cast Lisa Martinek, Heio von Stetten, Gudrun Landgrebe, Maximilian Schell
Producer Rikolt von Gagern
Production Company Tele München/Munich, in co-production with Concorde Media/Munich
Length 100 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Sound Technology Dolby SR
With backing from German Federal Film Board, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern
German Distributor Concorde Filmverleih

World Sales
Tele München Fernseh GmbH + Co Produktionsgesellschaft
Kaufingerstr. 24
80331 Munich/Germany