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My Last Film (Mein letzter Film)

My Last Film
Hanelore Elsner (photo © Joe Fish)

This is Marie's last film; the last, lonely appearance by a great actress whose beauty is timeless.

Marie has achieved all there is to achieve for a woman in her profession, and she decides to turn her back on her former life. While she packs her things, she discloses the details of her life - perhaps for the first time. And a young cameraman captures all of it. The result is a 90-minute solo performance in Marie's apartment in Berlin, a performance in which the actress looks back on her life.

Choosing things to take or leave behind, Marie sorts through and puts her fulfilled life in order. She probes to discover fundamental truths: what has made her happy and what has destroyed her.

Oliver Hirschbiegel scored a sensational success with the award-winning feature film THE EXPERIMENT (2001).His third feature DOWNFALL (2004) was nominated for an Academy Award® in 2005 in the category Best Foreign Language Film. Also active in television, a selection of his other features includes: 13 MINUTES (2015), DIANA (2013), FIVE MINUTES OF HEAVEN (2009), INVASION (2007), EIN GANZ GEWÖHNLICHER JUDE (2005), and MY LAST FILM (2002).
Category Feature
Year of Production 2002
Director Oliver Hirschbiegel
Screenplay Bodo Kirchhoff
Cinematography Rainer Klausmann
Martina Matuschewski
Christian Bussmann
Cast Hannelore Elsner, Wanja Mues
Producers Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt, Claudia Schroeder
Production Company Studio Hamburg Serienwerft /Hamburg
Length 90 min
Format 35 mm
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Awards German Film Award 2003 for Best Leading Actress

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