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Scene from "Modifications"

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 02/2005

The young psychology student Sam believes she’s leading a normal life, until she is suddenly confronted by haunting visions … And with a single sentence we are off on brave new work’s rollercoaster ride of mental mind games that is Modifications!

Marking producer Frank Geiger’s directorial debut and written by Matthew Giaquinto, Modifications is, says Geiger, “a moody and tense thriller which will keep the audience riveted with its interesting characters, unpredictable turns and a fascinating as well as disturbing atmosphere.”

Unashamedly a genre picture, Modifications, says Geiger, “is aimed at a young audience, at passionate cinemagoers, who are keen to see new cinematic visions and who love a good surprise when they go to the movies.”

This is reflected by the choice of Frankfurt-based Laser Paradise for the German DVD release. Among the label’s previous titles are Natural Born Killers (Oliver Stone), Meet The Feebles (Peter Jackson), From Dusk Till Dawn (Robert Rodriguez), Dune (David Lynch) and Army of Darkness (Sam Raimi). All genre films to be sure, but among some of the best. Take a look around the Cannes 2005 film market and you’ll see genre films are as, if not more so, popular than ever before. The reason is simple: there’s always an audience for them, especially the good ones, and they sell worldwide.

Modification’s cast is itself of note, especially given the film’s modest budget.

Gil Ofraim, soon to be seen in RTL’s epic Hamburg true flood story, Die Sturmflut, also happens to be a musician whose first three albums have garnered more than thirty gold and platinum discs.

Jodie Leslie Ahlborn is equally at home on the stage and the big screen, her last theatrical outing being Erbsen auf halb 6 (2003, director Lars Buechel).

brave new work itself was founded in 2000 by Mohammad Farokhmanesh (an Iranian who studied film in Hamburg), Frank Geiger and Armin Hofmann. Since 2004 the company has also had an office in Munich and has recently opened an equipment hire business in Iran, a country where between seventy and one hundred films are produced a year; tendency upwards.

brave new work, says Farokhmanesh, “is mostly concerned with developing and producing features and documentaries of various lengths and genres. But the emphasis is on high quality entertainment as well as films for the international market.”

Genre Thriller
Category Feature
Year of Production 2005
Director Frank Geiger
Screenplay Matthew Giaquinto
Cinematography Ingo Dannecker
Henning Weick
Iris Trescher
Cast Jodie Leslie Ahlborn, Nick Wilder, Gil Ofarim
Producers Mohammad Farokhmanesh, Armin Hofmann
Production Company Brave New Work/Hamburg
Shooting Dates Munich, February - March 2005
German Distributor Brave New Work/Hamburg

Brave New Work
Mohammad Farokhmanesh
Charlottenstrasse 26-28
20257 Hamburg/Germany
phone +49-40-48 40 19 00
fax +49-40-48 40 19 29