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Julius Armbrust has everything he could wish for: money, success, his family, his affairs; until one day, on his 12th wedding anniversary, he finds out that his wife Paula has a lover: Stefan, a man of his own age, an out-of-work graphic artist – a hippie in Julius’ eyes. Julius’ world falls apart. He pretends to go away, but in fact remains in town and does not let Paula and Stefan out of his sight. Stefan throws his old girlfriend out of the flat. Julius applies for the vacant room, and Stefan, unsuspecting as he is, agrees to share his flat with him. Julius is determined to get to know Stefan, in order to discover the latter’s weak points. When Stefan admits to him in his drunken stupor that perhaps he would not have anything against money and career after all, Julius knows what he has to do. His only problem is that he starts to really like Stefan. Julius achieves his goal; Stefan becomes what Julius himself is. Paula loses interest in Stefan, who is suddenly so strangely like her own husband, and Julius returns home.

Doris Dörrie was born in Hanover. After studying Acting, Philosophy and Psychology in the US, she studied at the University of Television & Film in Munich, where she now runs the Creative Writing Department. In addition to directing, she is also a novelist. Her award-winning films include: STRAIGHT THROUGH THE HEART (MITTEN INS HERZ, 1983), INSIDE THE BELLY OF THE WHALE (IN INNEREN DES WALS, 1984), MEN (MÄNNER, 1985), PARADISE (PARADIES, 1986), ME AND HIM (ICH UND ER, 1988), MONEY (GELD, 1989), HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TÜRKE!, 1992), NOBODY LOVES ME (KEINER LIEBT MICH, 1994), AM I BEAUTIFUL? (BIN ICH SCHÖN?,1998), ENLIGHTENMENT GUARANTEED (ERLEUCHTUNG GARANTIERT, 2000), "NAKED" (NACKT, 2002), THE FISHERMAN AND HIS WIFE – WHY WOMEN NEVER GET ENOUGH (DER FISCHER UND SEINE FRAU – WARUM FRAUEN NIE GENUG BEKOMMEN, 2005), HOW TO COOK YOUR LIFE (2007), CHERRY BLOSSOMS - HANAMI (KIRSCHBLÜTEN – HANAMI, 2008), THE HAIRDRESSER (DIE FRISEUSE, 2010), BLISS (GLÜCK, 2011), THE WHOLE SHEBANG (ALLES INKLUSIVE, 2014), and GREETINGS FROM FUKUSHIMA (GRÜSSE AUS FUKUSHIMA, 2016).
Genre Comedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 1985
Director Doris Dörrie
Cinematography Helge Weindler
Cast Heiner Lauterbach, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Ulrike Kriener
Production Company Olga Film/Munich, in cooperation with ZDF
Length 99 min
Dubbed Versions English
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Cairo 2003
Awards 3 German Film Awards 1986, Golden Screen 1986, Guild Film Award in Silver 1987 from the Guild of German Art House Cinemas