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Little Angel (Engelchen)

Little Angel

Little Angel is the nick name of Ramona Schneider, a hypersensitive woman with an almost compulsive fixation on the dark side of life. She leads an inconspicuous life near Berlin's Ostkreuz train station where, through a grotesque coincidence, she meets and falls in love with Andrzej, a Pole who sells cigarettes on the black market. Ramona experiences an inevitable tragic descent from the heights of her unexpected happiness.

Helke Misselwitz was born in 1947 in Zwickau and spent nine years working for GDR television as an assistant director and director in youth programming. She studied Directing at the Academy for Film & Television (HFF/M) in Babelsberg from 1978-1982 and then worked mainly freelance for the DEFA documentary studio. She studied under Heiner Carow at the Academy of Fine Arts from 1985-1988 and was employed as a director at the DEFA documentary studio from 1988-1991. Her documentaries include: Tango Dream (TangoTraum, 1985), Adieu Winter (Winter Adé, 1988), Who's Afraid of the Black Man (Wer fuerchtet sich vorm schwarzen Mann, 1989), Bulky Refuse (Sperrmuell, 1990), Living a Dream (Leben ein Traum, 1994), and My Love Your Love (Meine Liebe Deine Liebe, 1995). Her feature films include: Heart Leap (Herzsprung, 1992), Little Angel (Engelchen, 1996) and a segment of Das 7. Jahr - Ansichten zur Lage der Nation (TV, 1997).
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1997
Director Helke Misselwitz
Screenplay Helke Misselwitz
Cinematography Thomas Plenert
Gudrun Steinbrueck-Plenert
Cast Sophie Rois, Susanne Lothar, Cezary Pazura
Producer Thomas Wilkening
Production Companies ZDF, Thomas Wilkening Filmgesellschaft/Potsdam
Length 88 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Versions English, Spanish
Sound Technology Mono
Festivals San Sebastian 1996 (in competition), Toronto 1996
With backing from BKM

World Sales
Bavaria Media International