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Last Exit to Brooklyn (Letzte Ausfahrt Brooklyn)

The mean and desolate streets of Brooklyn are home to a a host of unhappy, hopeless characters stuck in dead-end lives: a young prostitute, emotionally numb from having sold her body so many times, regularly leads her prospective clients to a dark alley where a gang beats and robs them; an office worker cannot deal with his repressed homosexuality; and a young girl's father refuses to admit that she is eight months pregnant.

All these stories take place in a world waiting to explode: local workers are engaged in an angry strike against a nearby factory, while not too far away at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, soldiers sail daily for Korea, many never to return.

The personal and the political intermingle in this bleak look at poverty, drugs and violence in the inner-city of the early 1950s.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1988
Director Uli Edel
Screenplay Desmond Nakano
Cinematography Stefan Czapsky
Cast Stephen Lang, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Burt Young, Peter Dobson, Jerry Orbach, Stephen Baldwin, Jason Andrews, James Lorinz
Producer Bernd Eichinger
Production Company Constantin Film Produktion, in co-production with Bavaria Film
Runtime 104 min
Festivals London 1989
Awards German Film Award 1990