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I Am the Other Woman (Ich bin die Andere)

Successful young engineer Robert Fabry has been leading a tranquil, well-ordered life until the day he meets the ravishing Carlotta in a hotel. Robert is instantaneously captivated by the seductive woman and spends a night of passionate lovemaking with her. When he wakes up the next morning, she is gone. All that remains is her conspicuous red dress and the money that they had agreed upon as her fee.

Still dazed by his adventure, Robert can hardly believe his eyes when he meets the very same woman again the next day at the lawyer's office. She is introduced to him as attorney Dr. Carolin Winter, who is in charge of his case. The brilliant, self-assured and elegantly dressed attorney does not seem to register Robert's allusions to the past night. He assumes this is part of her game and is fascinated by her mixture of tender innocence and provocative sensuality. He decides to break up with his girlfriend Britta and marry Carolin.

He still does not suspect that Carolin is a woman of many faces, whose dominating father Karl Winter exerts a stronger influence on her than Robert is willing to accept. And what about the role played by the unapproachable housekeeper and former mistress of Karl Winter, Miss Schaefer? Little by little, Robert discovers the abysses of a shattered family and puts his own life on the line to help Carolin.

Margarethe von Trotta ranks among the most important female directors in German cinema since the 1970s, during which time she also made a name for herself as an actress. Today primarily active as a screenwriter and director, her most well-known films include: THE LOST HONOR OF KATHARINA BLUM (DIE VERLORENE EHRE DER KATHARINA BLUM, 1975, in co-direction with Volker Schlöndorff), THE SECOND AWAKENING OF CHRISTA KLAGES (DAS ZWEITE ERWACHEN DER CHRISTA KLAGES, 1977), SISTERS OR THE BALANCE OF HAPPINESS (SCHWESTERN ODER DIE BALANCE DES GLÜCKS, 1979), MARIANNE AND JULIANE (DIE BLEIERNE ZEIT, 1981), SHEER MADNESS (HELLER WAHN, 1983), ROSA LUXEMBURG (1985), THE AFRICAN WOMAN (DIE RÜCKKEHR, 1990), THE LONG SILENCE (IL LUNGO SILENZIO, 1993), THE PROMISE (DAS VERSPRECHEN, 1994), ROSENSTRASSE (2003), I AM THE OTHER WOMAN (ICH BIN DIE ANDERE, 2006), VISION (2009), HANNAH ARENDT (2012), FORGET ABOUT NICK (2017), and her first documentary SEARCHING FOR INGMAR BERGMAN (2018), among others.
Genre Literature, Drama, Love Story
Category Feature
Year of Production 2006
Director Margarethe von Trotta
Screenplay Peter Maerthesheimer, Pea Froehlich
Cinematography Axel Block
Corina Dietz
Chris Heyne
Doerthe Komnick
Cast Katja Riemann, August Diehl, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Barbara Auer, Karin Dor
Producer Markus Zimmer
Production Company Clasart Film/Munich
Length 104 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Toronto 2006 (Masters), Hamptons 2006, Miami 2007, Istanbul 2007, Miami 2010
With backing from German Federal Film Board, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, HessenInvest
German Distributor Concorde Filmverleih

World Sales
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1, place du Spectacle
92863 Issy-Les-Moulineaux Cedex 9/France
phone +33 (0)1 71 35 08 93