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Hope Dies Last (Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt, Die)

Hope Dies Last
Anneke Kim Sarnau, Axel Prahl (photo © NDR)

The 25-year-old Corinna Safranski wants to become a policewoman. After two years of training, she starts her new job in Hamburg with great enthusiasm and turns her back on her small hometown and her boyfriend Max, who is just as much against her new profession as her parents are.

The shift work is hard but Corinna gives it her best and doesn't want to lose face in front of her boss, Eddy Garbitsch. But when Garbitsch comes a bit too close one day, her situation with him and her colleagues becomes critical. And on top of it all, she finds out that her best friend Tanja is pregnant from Max.

Garbitsch's insulted ego brings him into a vicious circle of harassment toward Corinna. Although she manages to keep her cool, she doesn't have a chance among her colleagues. Jens is the only one to tries to keep Garbitsch off her back, but his help comes too late. In her desperation, her only way out is to take her own life.

Marc Rothemund MARC ROTHEMUND was born in 1968. He began his career as an assistant director for, among others, Helmut Dietl and Bernd Eichinger and made his directorial debut with episodes for various TV series. His first feature film was LOVE SCENES FROM PLANET EARTH (1998). In 2005 he directed SOPHIE SCHOLL – THE FINAL DAYS (2005), which was nominated for an Academy Award and received numerous other awards, including the Silver Bear for Best Director at the Berlinale. His other films include: ANTS IN THE PANTS (1999), HOPE DIES LAST (2001), THE DUO (2003), PORNORAMA (2007), SINGLE BY CONTRACT (2010), MEN DO WHAT THEY CAN (2012), THE GIRL WITH NINE WIGS (2013), MY BLIND DATE WITH LIFE (2016), and THIS CRAZY HEART (2017).
Genre Drama
Category TV Movie
Year of Production 2001
Director Marc Rothemund
Screenplay Fred Breinersdorfer
Cinematography Martin Langer
Hans Funck
Isolde Rueter
Cast Axel Prahl, Anneke Kim Sarnau, Wotan Wilke Möhring, Frank Sieckel, Barbara Philipp
Producer Sven Burgemeister
Production Company TV60 Film/Munich, in cooperation with NDR/Hamburg
Length 89 min
Format Super 16
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Stereo
Festivals Hof 2001, Berlin 2002 (German Cinema), Monte Carlo 2002, Prix Europa 2002, Prix Italia 2002, Ljubljana 2005
Awards German Television Award 2002, Adolf Grimme Award 2002/2003
German Distributor Studio Hamburg Fernsehallianz/Hamburg

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Studio Hamburg Fernsehallianz GmbH
Christiane Wittich
Jenfelder Allee 80
22039 Hamburg/Germany
phone +49-40-66 88 54 45
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