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Germany 09 (Deutschland 09)

More than 60 years after the end of World War II, 40 years after the student uprisings of 1968, 30 years after the “German Autumn” in 1977, 20 years after the fall of the inner German border in 1989, and right in the middle of the social upheaval brought about by the “Agenda 2010” on the path to the globalized world of the 21st century, a group of German film directors come together to create a film panorama depicting the social and political situation in present-day Germany, based on each of their personal perspectives.

Free to choose the format and content, each of the participating directors presents his or her personal interpretation and filmic portrayal of how they perceive Germany today. The sequences, abstract or concrete, range from short film to documentary, from essayistic to experimental.

Director and co-initiator Tom Tykwer says about the project: “The film Germany 09 combines around a dozen individual film sequences that depict how we experience our country today and how we position ourselves, what binds us, and where we are lead astray in this nation."

Tom Tykwer was born in Wuppertal in 1965 and became interested in film at an early age. He worked as a projectionist and booker in various independent arthouse cinemas for several years before he helmed his first feature film DEADLY MARIA in 1993, followed by WINTER SLEEPERS (1997), RUN LOLA RUN (1998), THE PRINCESS AND THE WARRIOR (2000), HEAVEN (2002), PERFUME - THE STORY OF A MURDERER (2006), THE INTERNATIONAL (2009), and THREE (2010), among others.

Nicolette Krebitz is an award-winning actress, writer, musician and director. Her films as a director include: MON CHÉRIE (2000), JEANS (2001), THE HEART IS A DARK FOREST (2006), EPIGENETIK (short, 2007), DIE UNVOLLENDETE (short from DEUTSCHLAND 09, 2008), and WILD (2016).

Isabelle Stever was born in 1963 in Munich. After studying Mathematics in Berlin and New York, she studied Directing at the German Academy of Film & Television (dffb) in Berlin. Her films include: the award-winning features PORTRAIT OF A MARRIED COUPLE (2002), GISELA (2005), BLESSED EVENTS (2010), an episode of the omnibus film GERMANY ‘09 (2009), and THE WEATHER INSIDE (2015).

Hans Weingartner was born in 1970. He studied Physics and Neurosciences in Vienna and Berlin and earned a diploma as a camera assistant from the Austrian Association of Cinematography, followed by post-graduate studies at the Academy of Media Arts (KHM) in Cologne. His films include: the shorts DER DREIFACHSTECKER (1994), SPLIT BRAIN (1997), and FRANK (1999), and the features THE WHITE SOUND (2000), THE EDUKATORS (2004), RECLAIM YOUR BRAIN (2007), HUT IN THE WOODS (2011), and 303 (2018).

Dani Levy was born in 1957 in Basel/Switzerland. From 1977-1979, he was in the ensemble of the Basel Theater and was a member of Berlin's Rote Gruetze Theater from 1980-1983. His films include: Du mich auch (1986), RobbyKallePaul (1988), I Was On Mars (1991), Ohne Mich (1993, episode of omnibus film Neues Deutschland), Silent Night (Stille Nacht, 1996), The Giraffe (Meschugge, 1998), I'm the Father (Väter, 2002), Go for Zucker - An Unorthodox Comedy (Alles auf Zucker!, 2005), My Führer - The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler (Mein Führer, 2007), the segment Joshua in Germany 09, and Life Is Too Long (Das Leben ist zu lang, 2010).

Sylke Enders was born in 1965 in Brandenburg and initially studied Social Studies in Berlin. Also active in dance and theater, she has worked in script and continuity and as an assistant director for various film and television productions. A student at the German Film & Television Academy (dffb) in Berlin since 1996, her films include: Auszeit (short, 1997), Hund mit T (short, 1999), Immer mir (short, 2000), Kroko (2003), Hab mich lieb (2003), and Schlitten auf schwarzem Schnee (2004).

Hans Steinbichler was born in 1969 in Solothurn/Switzerland. He studied Law in Passau and Film at the University of Television & Film in Munich. His films include: ABSTIEG (short, 1996), MONO (short, 1998), VERSPIEGELTE ZEIT - ERINNERUNGEN VON ANGELIKA SCHROBSDORFF (documentary, 1999), DIE GERMANIKER - RÖMISCH-DEUTSCHE KARRIEREN (documentary, 2000), HIERANKL (2003), DER MORALIST - VITTORIO HOESLE ENTDECKT AMERIKA (documentary, 2003), INSELN IM CHIEMSEE (documentary, 2003), WINTER JOURNEY (WINTERREISE, 2005), AUTISTIC DISCO (2007), MY MOTHER, MY BRIDE AND I (DIE ZWEITE FRAU, 2007), and PROMISING THE MOON (DAS BLAUE VOM HIMMEL, 2011).

Angela Schanelec was born in 1962. She studied Acting at the College of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main from 1982-1984, and worked at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg, Berlin's Schaubühne and the Schauspielhaus in Bochum from 1984-1991. She studied at the German Film & Television Academy in Berlin from 1990-1995, graduating with MY SISTER'S GOOD FORTUNE, winner of the German Critics' Prize 1996. Her other films include: SCHÖNE GELBE FARBE (1991), WEIT ENTFERNT (1991), PRAG, MÄRZ 92 (1992), I STAYED IN BERLIN ALL SUMMER (1993), PLACES IN CITIES (1998, Cannes Un Certain Regard), PASSING SUMMER (2001, Berlinale Forum), MARSEILLE (2004, Cannes Un Certain Regard 2005), AFTERNOON (2007), ORLY (2010, Berlinale Forum), THE BRIDGES OF SARAJEVO: PRINCIP TEXTE (2014, Cannes Special Screenings), THE DREAMED PATH (2016, Locarno In Competition), and I WAS AT HOME, BUT... (2019, Berlinale In Competition).

Wolfgang Becker was born in 1954 in Hemer/Westphalia and studied German, History and American Studies at the Free University in Berlin. He followed this with a job at a sound studio in 1980 and then began studies at the German Film & Television Academy (dffb). He started working as a freelance cameraman in 1983 and graduated from the dffb in 1986 with Butterflies (Schmetterlinge), which won the Student Academy Award in 1988, the Golden Leopard at Locarno and the Saarland Prime-Minister's Award at the 1988 Ophuels Festival Saarbruecken. He directed the Tatort-episode, Blutwurstwalzer, before making his second feature Children's Games (Kinderspiele, 1992), the documentary Celibidache (1992), and the Berlinale competition features Life is All You Get (Das Leben ist eine Baustelle, 1997), and Good Bye, Lenin! (2003).

Christoph Hochhäusler 's works have premiered in Berlin (Forum, Competition) and in Cannes (Un Certain Regard). Aside from filmmaking, he has published essays in several film journals, and he lectures in the film departments of various universities in the USA and Germany, such as Harvard (VES), Hamburg (Media School), Munich (HFF) and Berlin (DFFB). He is also founder and co-publisher of the film magazine Revolver. Born in 1972 in Munich, he studied Architecture in Berlin before graduating in Film Directing at the University of Film & Television Munich (HFF). His feature films include: DREILEBEN - ONE MINUTE OF DARKNESS (TV, 2011), THE CITY BELOW (2010), the episode SÉANCE in DEUTSCHLAND 09 (2009), LOW PROFILE (2005), THIS VERY MOMENT (2003), and THE LIES OF THE VICTORS (DIE LÜGEN DER SIEGER, 2014).

Romuald Karmakar was born in 1965. He has been working as an independent filmmaker since 1985 and shot a series of short films and documentaries. In 1995 he directed his first fiction feature film The Deathmaker (Der Totmacher), which received numerous awards, among them the Silver Lion in Venice for Best Actor, three German Film Awards in Gold in 1996, and was the German entry for the OSCAR for Best Foreign Language Film in 1997. His other films include: Eine Freundschaft in Deutschland (1985), Coup de Boule (1987), Gallodrome (1988), Dogs of Velvet and Steel (Hunde aus Samt und Stahl, 1989), Demontage IX, Unternehmen Stahlglocke (1991), Warheads (1989-1992), The Tyrant of Torino (Der Tyrann von Turin, 1994), Infight (1994), Frankfurt Millennium (Das Frankfurter Kreuz, 1997), Manila (2000) - which won the Silver Leopard at Locarno in 2000, The Himmler Project (2000), 196 BPM (2002), Nightsongs (Die Nacht singt ihre Lieder, 2003), based on the drama by Jon Fosse, and Land of Annihilation (Land der Vernichtung, documentary, 2003).

Dominik Graf was born in 1952 in Munich. After studying German and Musical Sciences, he studied at the University of Television & Film in Munich in 1974. He received the Bavarian Film Award for his graduation film DER KOSTBARE GAST (1979). He has played a decisive role in developing the profile of the TV series DER FAHNDER and has alternated regularly between film and TV productions. In 1988, he received a German Film Award for his thriller DIE KATZE (1987). His film SPIELER (1990) was shown at Venice in 1990 and he is a regular to the Berlinale where the premieres of his successful feature films A MAP OF THE HEART (2001), THE RED COCKATOO (2005), DREILEBEN – DON’T FOLLOW ME AROUND (2011) took place. His other films include: TIGER, LÖWE, PANTHER (1988), THE INVINCIBLES (1994), FRAU BU LACHT (TV, 1995), MUNICH –SECRETS OF A CITY (doc, 2000), HOTTE IM PARADIES (TV, 2002), EINE STADT WIRD ERPRESST (2006), DER WEG, DEN WIR NICHT ZUSAMMEN GEHEN (2008), IN THE FACE OF CRIME (2010) and BELOVED SISTERS (2014).

Fatih Akin is an internationally successful filmmaker. He won the Golden Bear for HEAD ON in 2004 and at that time he had already completed film school, two short films, one documentary about his parents’ migration from Turkey to Hamburg, and three feature films. He then achieved international success with the drama THE EDGE OF HEAVEN (2007) for which he won the prize for Best Screenplay at the Festival de Cannes. The film also received the European Film Award and the German Film Award. For his following film, SOUL KITCHEN (2009), he was honored with the Special Prize of the Jury at the Venice Film Festival. With his production company corazón international, founded in 2004, he has produced several films alongside his own productions, including the internationally successful films CHIKO, TAKVA and MIN DÎT. He has been directing his films exclusively for his production company bombero international since 2012. THE CUT was the company’s first production and premiered in 2014 in Venice. In 2017 his film IN THE FADE with Diane Kruger and Denis Moschitto in the leading roles premiered in Cannes in Competition, where Diane Kruger won the award for Best Actress. The film also won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. A selection of his films includes: SHORT SHARP SHOCK (1998), IN JULY (2000), HEAD-ON (2004), CROSSING THE BRIDGE – THE SOUND OF ISTANBUL (2006), THE EDGE OF HEAVEN (2007), NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU (episode, 2008), SOUL KITCHEN (2009), POLLUTING PARADISE (2012), THE CUT (2014), IN THE FADE (2017), and THE GOLDEN GLOVE (2019).
Genre Society
Category Feature, Docu-Fiction
Year of Production 2009
Directors Tom Tykwer, Nicolette Krebitz, Isabelle Stever, Hans Weingartner, Dani Levy, Sylke Enders, Hans Steinbichler, Angela Schanelec, Wolfgang Becker, Christoph Hochhäusler, Romuald Karmakar, Dominik Graf, Fatih Akin
Producers Dirk Wilutzky, Verena Rahmig
Production Company Herbstfilm Produktion/Berlin, in co-production with NDR/Hamburg, in cooperation with ARTE
Length 151 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Berlin 2009 (Out of Competition), Sao Paulo 2009
With backing from German Federal Film Board, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, BKM
German Distributor Piffl Medien/Berlin

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