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Forgiveness (Vergebung)


An opulent wedding reception in the summer of 1991. In the course of the joyful day, memories of events are awakened that occurred half an eternity away: before 1989. One of the wedding guests is a victim of persecution, another is supposed to have been a persecutor and traitor. The conflict cannot be covered up: the more determined the family harmony is conjured up, the more pernicious are the signs indicating a different truth ... The film is an attempt to confront the entanglements and the highly intricate network of guilt, treachery and forgiveness.

Andreas Hoentsch was born in Berlin in 1957, grew up in Dresden, and studied direction at the Academy for Film & Television (HFF/B) in Babelsberg from 1980-1984. After graduation, he worked as an assistant director on a staging of Don Giovanni at Dresden's Semper Opera and was also an assistant director on various cinema and TV productions at the DEFA feature film studios until 1990. He beganmaking short features from 1981 and directed his first full-length feature with Der Strass in 1990, receiving the Audience Award at the Ophuels Festival Saarbruecken in 1991. Forgiveness (Vergebung, 1994) is Hoentsch's second feature film.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1994
Director Andreas Hoentsch
Screenplay Carmen Blazejewski
Cinematography Johann Feindt
Ursula Hoef
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Cast Lena Stolze, Sylvester Groth, Erik Roßbander
Producers Andrea Hoffmann, Tony Loeser
Production Companies WDR, Dokfilm/Babelsberg, OSTFILM/Potsdam
Length 95 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Sound Technology Dolby Stereo

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14482 Potsdam/Germany
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