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Devil Who Called Himself God, The (Teufel der sich Gott nannte, Der)

Devil Who Called Himself God, The
Julia Palmer-Stoll, Nikolai Kinski (photo © CCC Filmkunst)

Rebecca comes from a good home, but still sees little sense in life. She feels left out from her father's new family, she's had an abortion, she's tried to commit suicide, and she hates life in the city. In this condition, she meets Lukas, a gentle, but at the same time, strong-willed and good-looking young man. Lukas and his friends live in a commune out in the woods. They share their drugs and bodies, and beg or steal whatever they have to in order to get by. Rebecca falls in love with Lukas and soon feels more comfortable in the commune than she does at home. Together, they develop a criminal energy that knows no boundaries and leads them to cold-blooded murder...
Genre Thriller, Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2002
Director Dmitri Astrachan
Screenplay Karsten Laske, M. Klaschka
Cinematography Tatyana Loginova
Paul Wuthe, JMPaula
Vladimir Denisov
Cast Nikolai Kinski, Julia Palmer-Stoll, Frederic Welter, Robert Grober, Johannes Rapp, Oliver Tautorat, Natja Jamaan
Producer Artur Brauner
Production Company CCC-Filmkunst, in cooperation with Gran Film, Minsk
Runtime 92 min
Format color
Sound Technology Dolby

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