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Cloud, The (Wolke, Die)

Cloud, The
Scene from "The Cloud" (photo © TMG)

A breakdown at a nuclear power plant southeast of Frankfurt shocks the country. A huge radioactive cloud leaks out and drifts toward the small town of Schlitz, not far from Bad Hersfeld. Every one living in the vicinity of the plant has been exposed to radiation; within a short time 38,000 people are dead. Everyone living further away tries to flee, including 16-year-old Hannah and her great love Elmar. Elmar manages to escape, but Hannah gets contaminated. She has been marked, and probably forever. But their young love, just as great as it is in despair, brings the two back together, despite all rationality. Elmar visits Hannah in the high-security section of a sanatorium and discovers that he too was contaminated while trying to escape. As hopeless as their situation seems, their love helps them to overcome all obstacles. While they have no dreams of living forever, they still fight for a little bit of hope in their presumably short lives. In the end, they are certain that a short but fulfilled life and true love is more than most people ever experience...

Gregor Schnitzler was born in 1964 in Berlin. During his studies of Communication Design, he worked as a set photographer. Together with Eleni Ampelakiotou, he directed the shorts DAS FENSTER (1991) and SONNTAGE (1992) and the feature FINNLANDIA (1999). His other films include: the episodes UNTERNEHMEN FEUERTAUFE and TÖDLICHER WINDfrom the T.E.A.M. BERLIN series, GEFÄHRLICHE VATERSCHAFT from the BALKO series, and the features WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF FIRE? (WAS TUN, WENN’S BRENNT?, 2001), SOLO ALBUM (SOLOALBUM, 2003), THE CLOUD (DIE WOLKE, 2006), RESTURLAUB (2011), and GAMING INSTINCT (SPIELTRIEB, 2013), as well as over 65 music videos and commercials.
Genre Literature, Drama, Coming-of-Age Story
Category Feature
Year of Production 2006
Director Gregor Schnitzler
Screenplay Marco Kreuzpaintner
Cinematography Michael Mieke
Alexander Dittner
Stefan Hansen
Patrick Mueller
Cast Tom Wlaschiha, Richy Müller, Carina Wiese, Hans-Laurin Beyerling, Franz Dinda, Paula Kalenberg
Producer Markus Zimmer
Production Company Clasart Film/Munich
Length 105 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Shanghai 2006, Cinekid 2006, Buster Copenhagen 2006, Cineambiente Turin 2006, Tallinn Black Nights 2006, Berlin 2007 (German Cinema), Porto 2007, Sprockets Toronto 2007, Seattle 2007
Awards Bavarian Film Award 2006 (Best Youth Film)
With backing from German Federal Film Board, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Hessen-Invest Film
German Distributor Concorde Filmverleih

World Sales
Bavaria Media International

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