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Barracuda is a psychological thriller full of suspense and irony centring on the embittered duel between two people: Clément, an old man caught in an eccentrically hallucinatory world of illusion, and Luc, an outgoing and modern young man who has just learnt from his attractive girlfriend that he is to become a father. The older man fights to overcome his loneliness while the younger one struggles to save his life. And the better they get to know each other, the better they know how to destroy one another.

Barracuda doesn't tell some everyday story. But it could nevertheless happen to each one of us at any moment ...

Philippe Haim was born in 1967 and came to film through his music studies in Paris. In 1988, he wrote his first score for a short and followed this with compositions for commercials, educational films, feature films and plays. In 1994, he wrote the score for Bertrand Tavernier's Golden Bear-winner L'appât, and wrote, directed and scored the nine-minute short Descente.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1997
Director Philippe Haim
Screenplay Philippe Haim
Cinematography Jean-Claude Thibaut
Magali Olivier
Philippe Haim
Cast Jean Rochefort, Guillaume Canet, Claire Keim
Producers Peter Paulich, Stéphane Tavenas
Production Companies Gemini Film/Cologne, Horizon Films
Length 94 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Sound Technology Dolby Stereo
With backing from Eurimages
German Distributor Gemini Film/Cologne

World Sales
Pandora Cinéma
7, rue Keppler
75116 Paris/France
phone +33-1-40 70 90 90
fax +33-1-40 70 90 91