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Scene from "Baby" (photo © M. Mieke)

In a tragic car accident, Lilli’s mother and Paul’s wife are killed. Little Lilli, her father Frank and his friend Paul survive.

Thirteen years later, Lilli is a teenager and the two men have become failed characters who scrape a living together by working as barmen and bouncers in a strip club. The disaster unfolds when Lilli seduces Paul and gets pregnant. In the heat of the moment, her father shoots a boy whom he suspects of raping his daughter. And as fate would have it, they end up again where the accident happened all those years ago.

Philipp Stölzl studied Set Design at the Münchner Kammerspiele theater. He then worked as a freelance set designer and exhibition architect with, among others, Robert Wilson. He gained international recognition with his video productions. The British design magazine Shots praised the new director on his work for the US. His videos for Garbage and Madonna however led the way to his international breakthrough. His films include: MORITURI TE SALUTANT (short, 2000), BABY (2002), NORTH FACE (NORDWAND, 2008), and GOETHE! (2010).
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2002
Director Philipp Stölzl
Screenplay Davis Hamblyn, Wolfgang Kohlhaase
Cinematography Michael Mieke
Sven Budelmann
Ingo Ludwig Frenzel
Karin Betzler
Cast Lars Rudolph, Alice Dwyer, Filip Peeters
Producers Ulrich Stiehm, Frank Kaminski
Production Company Kaminski.Stiehm.Film/Berlin, in co-production with ID Film, Diemen-Zuid/Holland, Gemini Film/Cologne, Twin Film, Munich
Length 105 min
Format 35 mm, color
Original Version
Subtitled Versions English, Spanish
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Munich 2002, San Sebastian (Zabaltegi/New Directors' Competition), Santo Domingo 2003, Ophuels-Festival Saarbruecken 2003 (in competition)
With backing from Nord Media, Dutch Film Fund

World Sales
Bavaria Media International